How to Achieve Success Holistically


Success is a state of achieving or meeting an outcome that has certain defined criteria. Success is often perceived as the opposite of failure, but success criteria vary depending on the context, observer, or belief system. This article will explore some common criteria that may be used as a measure of success. We’ll also cover common misconceptions and ways to improve your chances of achieving success.

Living in accordance with your beliefs

According to Tony Robbins, your life is determined by what you consistently believe. Recognizing that your beliefs and values are what govern you is critical to changing them. As a result, you have the power to change your life. Change your beliefs and values and you will begin to see the results.

Your beliefs shape your values, which are the pillars of your life. Your actions and choices will be determined by these values. Knowing what your values are, whether they are moral or spiritual, will empower you to live according to your own rules. Think of Lao Tzu’s adage: “A truly great person practices virtue.”

Being happy with what you’re working on

In most people’s lives, work takes up a large part of their time. Therefore, success means doing work that you enjoy, and being good at it. It may take some time to find work you’re passionate about, but it’s well worth the effort. In fact, success isn’t that different from personal happiness.

Learning to choose battles wisely

Learning to choose battles wisely is an important skill to develop. While it might not be easy at first, it can be done. First, you must understand your own behavior and how to make better choices. Second, you must practice. Third, you should keep a log of your behavior so you can analyze it later.

In any conflict, you should consider the bigger picture. This could be the strategy of the company, your relationship with your line report or superior, or your career goals. By identifying and weighing all potential risks and rewards, you can decide if a particular battle is worth fighting.

Having a place to call home

The A Place to Call Home campaign helps cities around the world tackle homelessness. Its goal is to end chronic homelessness by 2020. To this end, it requires cities to commit to significant progress in addressing the problem. The city of Edmonton is an example of a leading city committed to this goal.

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