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magic maps uk

Multi Agency Geographic Information for the Countryside (MAGIC)

Launched in 2002, MAGIC is an online government magic maps uk which provides geographic information about rural, urban, coastal and marine environments across Great Britain. This information is displayed in an interactive map which can be explored with a range of mapping tools.

Magic Map uk

The site is very easy to use and has a seemingly endless number of layers which you can switch on and off as you see fit. Some of the most useful layers are those that mark sites of scientific interest, a road or footpath distance marker and registered common land boundaries.

Magic Map uk uses more than 300 data layers, some of which are available to download and print as well. The site has been revamped by Landmark Solutions, part of Landmark Information, to bring the service into the modern era.

Using the Magic Map uk has never been easier!

The site has recently been redesigned to include a new user interface and more search tools for mapping layers. The site also incorporates a range of tutorial videos to help users make the most of its large library of location-based data.

From Spores to Fruiting Bodies: Understanding the Mushroom Life Cycle

There are a variety of layers to explore including a hatched area, a scheduled ancient monument and a National Nature Reserve. The best way to find out what all the different colors mean is to use the Magic Map uk’s handy information button. It will display a small box which shows you the names and a link to more information about the location of the hatched area.

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